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We sell this stuff like crazy. Wholesale cost $10.50 each. Recommend retail at $15.95 each.  *4 Litre refill containers are also available for $95 as many people like to stop by and get their containers filled up. (We sell this way to large corporations) Keep one in your purse and one in your car.

Stop drying out your hands with those industrial hand sanitizers! Fugly's own recipe of Witch Hazel, 95% Proof "GRAIN" alcohol, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Distilled well water and Pure Essential Oils santize your hands while helping to keep them hydrated! Two pumps of the mist sprayer is all you need...this bottle lasts and lasts and lasts a long time!!

Wholesale Fugly Anti-Bacterial Sanitizer

C$10.50 Regular Price
C$8.40Sale Price
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