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Bath Bombs Away!

Baking soda * Citric Acid *Witch Hazel * Essential Oils * Kaolin Clay * Cocoa Butter * Herbs, Spices & Flowers from our Fugly Garden...and that's it!

*Fallacy #1- Isn't Citric Acid a chemical?

Answer- NO!  Citric acid is just dehydrated lemons, sugar beets or corn.

*Fallacy #2- Won't Baking Soda dry out my skin?

Answer- NO! Baking soda has a softening effect on the skin and relieves dry itchy skin. It will also naturally draw out toxins out of the skin. It is also a natural, environmentally safe product to go down your drain.

*Fallacy #3- Doesn't Witch Hazel Contain Alcohol?

Answer - NO! Not all Witch Hazel is created equally...some products in the marketplace do contain alcohol.  However..."OUR" Witch Hazel is an aqueous (water) extract from the Hamamelis Virginiana plant; it is a pure plant extract that is free of any alcohol. Witch Hazel is nature's natural astringent which encourage closure of pores, contraction of blood vessels to decrease redness and is also naturally anti-inflammatory as it is "cooling"--perfect for soothing sore muscles and arthritis. Witch Hazel is not capable of causing dehydration as it does not leach water out of the cells (it is a water-based extract).

Size Large $4.75 each
Size XL $5.75  

Small Bath
Bombs Sets 

come in a set of 2 for $7.50

How do I use a Bath Bomb??

Simply fill your tub with water and jump in before dropping one of our luxurious bath bombs into the tub and give yourself permission to enjoy the healing bubbles of aromatherapy. Made with all-natural ingredients, your skin will feel softened, moisturized and de-stressed. Our signature aromatherapeutic oils will induce a relaxed state while your body detoxifies and unwinds. Feel your aches and pains melt away....

**For a list of what each fragrance smells like, check out our "SOAP" page.**

Have a Fugly Day!

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