April Soap of the Month

Pass the Powderkeg

This invigorating soap instantly smells like Warm, Peppery Ginger and them BOOM!...an explosion of Fresh Lime and Sweet Vanilla kick in to get your day jump-started. The Ginger aromatherapy opens up your respiratory system and can also help with nausea. The Lime and Vanilla Aromatherapy couple together with Grapeseed to act as a powerful antioxidant to prevent free radical skin damage, keep acne in check and to provide vitamin C and E nourishment to the skin. Add a little Aloe Vera andyou can "Pass" this soap off as Powerderkeg-Perfect!

7 Piece Spa Kit


*Fugly Soap

*Fugly Foot Soak

*Large Bath Bomb

*3 Shower Fizzies

*Reusable Storage


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