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Fun Animal
Bath Bombs
for Kids
Animal Attack in the Tub!
Animal Soap!
Have fun in the tub with your favorite animal AND be clean! Comes with a Recycled Plastic Soap Saver.
Cows, Horses, Dogs, and Lambies...
Off to School

Healing Hands Salve

100% Natural, deeply nourishing and moisturizing hand salve instantly penetrates the dermis to begin the healing process. Dry, cracked skin doesn't stand a change against this wonderful product! Also very effective to help heal scratches and cuts. Just a little of this salve goes a long way! 

Small- $12.95 25 ml

Large- $19.95 60ml

Give your kids some of their own "Kid Size Soap" for School!
"Fugly Healing Hands Home and Garden Salve"
Small Salve SSC.JPG
Q: I want to buy a Gift but I'm not sure what they'd like...
A: Why not give them a Fugly Gift Certificate and let them pick out their favorites!

$10 $25 $50   Denominations 

TattooPoo Website.JPG



...this shit really works!

This all-natural Bees Wax-based healing salve is a MUST-HAVE for your tattoo. Made for even the most sensitive skin, this product aids in healing your new tattoo, moisturizing the skin to keep your ink vibrant and helps to protect your body art from fading. A little goes a long way.....

 use 2-3 times per day!

Premium Fugly
Lip Balm

Made with Bees Wax,
Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Pure Essential Oils


Turtle Mountain Mint


Quit Smoking NOW!
Smokers Relief Aromatherapy
New from Fugly...
Designed to help relieve symptoms you may experience while quitting nicotine.  Uplift your mood, ease cravings and extend the period you can go without lighting up!  If you are ready to quit smoking...Fugly is here to help!
Got a Tattoo??
Check out 


Thank you for supporting the Fugly Soap Factory! We are a local small business that buys and grows all of our ingredients locally within the Crowsnest Pass in Alberta, Canada. 

We SINCERELY appreciate your business.



*No Additives

*No Preservatives

*No Dyes

*No Chemicals

*No Artificial Scents

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*We ONLY use Certified Organic Ingredients and PURE Essential Aromatherapeutic Oils

ALL Products
Proudly made

**The Crowsnest Pass**

"Free delivery in The Pass"

Have a Fugly Day!

Wholesale Fugly

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